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The Harry Potter 9 3/4 platform at King’s Cross is real!

I wish Josh was with me to see this! I don’t know how long it has been there, but I saw this when pulling up at London Kings Cross Station the other day. What a great little stunt from King’s Cross Station… Simple, effective and very cheap! There were loads of people queued up to … Continue reading

A great day out at Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester

I’ve been thinking this for a while… and a recent trip to the Manchester Legoland Discovery Centre (LDC) has confirmed it – Lego is AWESOME! Lego could have died out years ago if it wasn’t for its ability to diversify and form strategic brand partnerships.  This has meant that not only has Lego survived, it … Continue reading

Cartoon character craze sweeping Facebook was not started by the NSPCC

Last night and this morning, loads of my friends have changed their Facebook profile pictures to that of their favourite cartoon character from their childhood. NICE! I thought, so I got involved and changed mine to Inspector Gadget. This meme spreading across Facebook is the reason why people are doing it… DON’T FORGET to Change … Continue reading

Knock knock? Who’s there? A bloody door to door salesman, that’s who.

7pm on a Tuesday night and I get a knock on the door… who could it be I wonder?  A bloody door to door salesman, that’s who. Selling EDF Energy. Looked like quite a good offer too, but out of principle, I politely declined and sent the guy on his way. Now, I had nothing … Continue reading

Go Bananas! Go, Go Bananas!

Did you know that pretty much everyone in the world opens a banana from the wrong end? You should, in fact, open a banana from the opposite end to the stalk. This is the way monkeys and people who live in countries in which they grow open them – pretty cool huh? This is a … Continue reading

Social Media is best managed by PR professionals and not the digital experts – hurrah!

That’s it. It’s official. According to today’s (May 19th) 2010 McCann Erickson Social Media Index (completed by senior marketing and comms practitioners no less!), Social Media is best managed by PR professionals and not the digital experts. And we at Finn couldn’t agree more! Social Media is Public Relations in its purest form. It requires … Continue reading