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Knock knock? Who’s there? A bloody door to door salesman, that’s who.

7pm on a Tuesday night and I get a knock on the door… who could it be I wonder?  A bloody door to door salesman, that’s who. Selling EDF Energy. Looked like quite a good offer too, but out of principle, I politely declined and sent the guy on his way. Now, I had nothing … Continue reading

Pravo Bavaria!!

Last week’s ambush marketing stunt at the World Cup by dutch beer Bavaria, featuring 36 blondes in orange mini-skirts, couldn’t really fail.  And Fifa’s over the top reaction has only managed to raise awareness of the stunt and Bavaria’s brand at the same time. I totally appreciate that Fifa’s partners pay millions of pounds to … Continue reading

We, not I

I’ve been reading Herd by Mark Earls, which explains how most of us have been misunderstood the mechanics of mass behaviour because our thinking is shaped by misplaced notions of what it means to be human. We are at heart a ‘we-species’, but we are suffering from the ‘illusion of I.’ So basically, we do … Continue reading