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Was SKY right to sack Andy Gray? Online poll

Yesterday I ran a poll asking people if they thought Andy Gray and Richard Keys should have been suspended from reporting on the Bolton vs Chelsea match. The results were: Yes 42% No 52% Undecided 6% And now, Andy Gray has been sacked!  However, new evidence has come to light today. Apparently Andy has previous … Continue reading

Should SKY have suspended Andy Gray and Richard Keys for the Bolton vs Chelsea match? An online poll to decide…

I can’t make my mind up on this one… Whilst I think the comments made by Andy Gray and Richard Keys at the weekend were wrong, I’m not sure that SKY was right to suspend them from commentating on the Bolton vs Chelsea match tonight. I appreciate that they are in the public eye and … Continue reading

Pravo Bavaria!!

Last week’s ambush marketing stunt at the World Cup by dutch beer Bavaria, featuring 36 blondes in orange mini-skirts, couldn’t really fail.  And Fifa’s over the top reaction has only managed to raise awareness of the stunt and Bavaria’s brand at the same time. I totally appreciate that Fifa’s partners pay millions of pounds to … Continue reading