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Knock knock? Who’s there? A bloody door to door salesman, that’s who.

7pm on a Tuesday night and I get a knock on the door… who could it be I wonder?  A bloody door to door salesman, that’s who. Selling EDF Energy. Looked like quite a good offer too, but out of principle, I politely declined and sent the guy on his way.

Now, I had nothing against him personally – he is only trying to make a living, of course.  But this type of disruption marketing winds me up big-time!  Surely people cannot still be tempted to take a deal like this on the spot (at 7pm or at any other time of the evening!), when they have the internet and therefore tons of options to peruse in their OWN TIME, when they DECIDE they need something?  To me it seems that only the vulnerable or weak would take up such an offer.  And this guy was pretty pushy, too. It’s just not right. It should be illegal.

Ha ha! I’ve just remembered his opening line: “Oh sorry are your parents home?” Normally that type of flattery would get you everywhere. But not tonight.  On my doorstep. At 7pm on a freezing Tuesday evening.

I politely explained to the guy that whatever he said, I was not going to take him up on his offer.  “I have a massive problem with what you are doing.” I said.  “I disagree with the whole idea of a stranger turning up on my doorstep and disrupting my evening to try and sell me something.”

“But it’s a great offer that you can’t get anywhere else!” He snivelled.

“Sorry, no offence and nothing personal but I work in word of mouth pr and marketing, I believe in peer to peer recommendations and the freedom to do my own research into a product or service in my own time (I know that I started to sound like a complete tool at this point, but I was on a roll(?!), so I continued.).  I appreciate you are only doing your job, honestly I do, but really, you shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not right.”

Even though I didn’t give him the sale he so wanted, we carried on chatting for a bit, then we said our goodbyes and I wished him the best of luck.  I told my housemate about the conversation, sat back down on the sofa and half an hour into catching up on The Event from Friday night (which is brilliant, btw), I had another knock on the door door.  A geeky looking dude in a suit was standing there. “Oh sorry sir, I hope I’m not interrupting your evening, but I’m from SKY and I’m offering you a great deal for today only!”

Needless to say, I didn’t take him up on it.



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