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Go Bananas! Go, Go Bananas!

Did you know that pretty much everyone in the world opens a banana from the wrong end? You should, in fact, open a banana from the opposite end to the stalk. This is the way monkeys and people who live in countries in which they grow open them – pretty cool huh?

This is a great example of how people only do what they do because other people do it. Most people are not as individual as they would like to think, but they are more like sheep, who un-knowingly follow other peoples lead.

So, what does this mean in a marketing sense? For me, there are two key take outs:

1. If you can find the right key influencers, the people who set the trends in a specific area or discipline and recruit them to your brand or campaign, then you are on to a winner.

2. Think about how you can harness a behaviour trend and do something cool and different to make it really exciting. I think T Mobile have done this really well with its flashmobbing themed ads. It’s competitor Talk Talk have done a great job too, capitalising on user generated content to produce the neon rainbow X Factor singalong idents.

I find it really useful to keep this concept in mind when going into a brainstorm – it helps generate the really big ideas that can travel and work across all areas of the marketing mix.

Ps. I’m loving doing this from my iPhone now I’ve found the wordpress app! It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t add in links very easily, but maybe that’s a build for the next version.



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